While Hawaii residents can enjoy the state’s beautiful weather, the tropical climate still has the ability to cause serious damage to driveways. Fortunately, those in Honolulu and the surrounding areas can depend on Seal Pro’s Hawaii for the excellent care of their driveways. This trusted paving company offers several services that focus on routine maintenance and the prevention of damage:

  • Asphalt Crack Filler and Sealer: Due to the nature of Hawaii’s climate, simple cracks in the driveway can develop into large potholes in very little time. The use of a rubberized sealant in cracks will keep water out, and deter further deterioration of the driveway. This is an inexpensive fix that can save homeowners a great deal of money if the problem is addressed early.
  • Sealcoating: Those who select the preventative measure of sealcoating will have no need to worry about cracks developing in their driveway. A thin layer of this driveway sealant will leave a smooth and attractive surface area that is resistant to aging, and completely protected from the elements. A single application will be effective for up to five full years.
  • Slurry Seal: This method is primarily used for sealing driveways that are old and raveled. It will function to seal minor cracks and other minor irregularities, restore skid resistance and improve the overall appearance of the driveway.
  • Fog Seal: Asphalt is added to an existing pavement surface when this method is utilized. It serves to improve the surface appearance of the driveway, inhibits reveling, improves waterproofing and prevents any further loss of stone. This is the least expensive sealing treatment available, and it can be expected to be effective for up to two full years.
  • Color Pave: A nice way to make a driveway more attractive, this procedure adds a color pigment to asphalt or concrete. It also serves to seal and protect the driveway.

Seal Pro’s Hawaii offers these and several other exceptional services that include asphalt maintenance and repairs, and blacktop sealant for driveways, parking lots and garages, private roads, playgrounds and athletic fields. Call (808) 591-6086 or visit the website for personalized services designed to fit every customer’s specific needs and budget.