Nothing beats the thrill of cruising down a stretch of road with the tropical sun shining and the crisp beach air blowing through your hair. And nothing dissolves that thrill faster than a pothole or a patch of bumpy road. As a locally owned and operated company, the experts at Seal Pro’s Hawaii understand the unique challenges Hawaii residents and commercial businesses face. We can alleviate these problems by providing professional asphalt repairs and maintenance, making your next ride smooth and safe. With a complete range of services, including blacktop sealers, driveway repairs and asphalt fillers, we provide unparalleled service and long-lasting results.  The tropical weather can erode your driveway and parking lot, but with proper protection from the experts at Seal Pro’s Hawaii you can ensure that your asphalt will remain smooth and resistant for years.  Browse our services below and contact us by email or by phone to get your job started!

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Water is the most destructive element to our pavements.  As such, we need to take proactive measures towards preventing water intrusion into our pavements.  Filling or sealing pavement cracks will prevent water from reaching the base of subbase resulting in an increased service life.

Process: Single component, rubberized crack & joint sealant.

Benefits: Prevents intrusion of water & incompressible in cracks, retards deterioration; low cost.

Frequency of application: Every 2-4yrs.

Sealcoating is a thin asphaltic treatment used to protect pavement surfaces from UV radiation, oxidation and mostly for protecting a surface from aging. They are a thin layer and work well as void fillers. They may be used for parking lots, walkways, driveways. Sealcoating makes a smooth and attractive surface that resists aging and protects the valuable pavement. It is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan.

Process: Ready to use modified asphalt emulsion pavement sealer blended with sand is sprayed, squeegeed, or broomed onto the surface.

Benefits: Protects asphalt pavement surfaces (parking lots, driveways, roadways) from oxidation, water, and weather.

Frequency of Application: Every 3-5 years.

A Slurry Seal is cold mixed asphalt. It consists of a graded aggregate, a binder, fines and additives. It is a hard wearing surfacing for pavement preservation. Slurry Seals are for sealing aged and raveled pavements, filling minor cracks, restoring skid resistance and restoring aesthetic appeal. It may be used on freeways, residential streets, parking lots, driveways and any area that needs the pavement to be preserved. Slurry Seal protects and preserves, extending pavement life.

Process: An asphalt emulsion is mixed with fine aggregate and applied to the surface using a single machine for mixing and applications.

Benefits: Seals surface cracks, waterproofs, corrects raveling, enriches surface, fills minor surface irregularities, and improves skid resistance.

Does your business need new parking lot stripes? Over time, the paint in your parking log breaks down due to erosion and the sun’s radiation. To help you understand how the process of replacing them works, Seal Pro’s Hawaii is here to walk you through the whole process.

Process: From the consultation and planning to the inspection and installation, we’ll make sure we’ve answered all of your questions to find the best options for your commercial or retail property. We simplify the planning process by offering you options in determining the type of paint to use, what kind of stripe is best and what type of local codes needs to be met. We pay careful attention to overhangs, safety hazards and ADA regulations.  After the meeting and inspection, we apply brand new parking lot line striping.  We exercise caution to protect your property and display all the appropriate signage to guarantee the safety of your employees and clients.  From painting and sealing, we will have your parking lot up to speed in no time.

Benefits: Striping is great to enhance commercial / retail parking lots, parking garages, handicap upgrades, stop signs / stop bars, traffic road lines, road and sidewalk curbs.

Greatly enhance the appearance of your property and make it stand out from the crowd. This premium acrylic water based emulsion is a highly durable colored pavement coating available in a large selection of colors.

Process: Seal Pros will remove all dust dirt and debris from your surface, and if needed we will wash the driveway prior to application. As color pave is a premium acrylic it is essential that proper preparation be performed to ensure long life. ColorPave Acrylic Pavement Sealers are applied by hand using special neoprene squeegees and synthetic brushes that are tennis court grade. This reduces/eliminates brush marks in the final coating. Typically, two coats is applied for optimum performance and durability.

Benefits: Add instant curb appeal to your property with color pavements in a variety of colors. Contact us today to see what we can for your pavement projects.

Fog seal is an application of a specially formulated asphalt emulsion (a thin liquid oil) to an existing asphalt pavement surface. A fog seal gets its name from its spray application, sometimes referred to as “fogging.”

Process: Fog seals are applied by a distributor truck. The distributor truck slightly heats the asphalt emulsion before spraying it onto the pavement. Once applied the surface has the appearance similar to the pavement having been spray painted black.

Benefits: As asphalt pavement is subjected to traffic loads and ages, it oxidizes and cracks develop in the surface due in part to the pavement becoming more brittle. Oxidation is one of the reasons asphalt concrete pavement fades in color from the deep, rich black color everyone remembers from when the road was constructed or last resurfaced. Fog seal applications serve to seal narrow cracks, slightly restore lost flexibility to the pavement surface, provide a deep, rich black pavement surface color, and most importantly help preserve the underlying pavement structure.




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