Hawaii’s weather, though tropical and gorgeous, can be harmful on its roads and driveways. The sun shows no remorse for the damage it does to your driveway in less than just a few years. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your asphalt and keep your investment looking good as new. The professional services that we offer here at Seal Pro’s Hawaii include crack fillers, maintenance and driveway repair. Keep reading to learn more.

Quality and consistent maintenance is the key to preventing damage in just about anything. Same goes for asphalt – a well-maintained driveway will always look better than the rest. Putting small amounts of money forth now will save you hundreds of dollars in the future. We suggest handling any small and large cracks in your pavement as soon as possible. Water will eventually become your enemy if left for too long. Preventing water from entering those cracks is a low-cost option, and only needs to be applied/reapplied every two to four years.

UV radiation is also very harmful to your asphalt. Radiation will quickly begin to deteriorate your asphalt and create unpleasant fading. A special coating that seals your driveway is an easy solution to that problem. This sealant may also provide protection from oxidations and aging. Seal coating only needs to be applied/reapplied every three to five years.

Here at Seal Pro’s Hawaii, we are always willing and excited to provide our customers with professional advice when it comes to maintaining asphalt. Our lifetime of experience ensures that your driveway is being treated with the highest amount of quality and service. Give us a call or browse our list of services for more information.