Keeping a close watch on your driveway is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes knowing the difference of when to either enlist a company for repair or when to install a new driveway altogether becomes blurry. Below are some key factors and questions to ask yourself before following up with an asphalt professional.

AGE – How old is your driveway? When was its last maintenance routine?

Driveways require sealcoating maintenance every three to five years. The sealcoating is an oily lacquer which is meant to keep it flexible and prevent major cracking. With regular sealcoating maintenance, a brand-new driveway can last about twenty years. Without regular maintenance driveways have been known to fall apart in as little as six.

CRACKS – Is more than 10% of your driveway covered in cracks?

Driveway cracks should be filled with a hot rubber asphalt filler when the weather is at its coolest. Yearly crack sealing should keep your driveway troubles and concerns to a minimal. This yearly maintenance is successful when less than 10% of your driveway is covered with hairline cracks. Yearly crack sealing and sealcoating every three to five years will make for a much cheaper remedy than a new driveway every six years.

MAINTENANCE – Have you done your research on your asphalt company?

We highly recommend doing your research on the company you choose to maintain your driveway. Take caution over who you pick, such asphalt maintenance requires a great deal of expertise and only trusted professionals should be hired for the job. It’s better to do your research now than pay for someone else’s mistake in the future.

ALLIGATORING – Is your driveway damage extensive? Are pieces severely broken?

Alligatoring identifies the buildup of cracks that are either heavily in one area or expand to over 10% of your driveway. In these extensive circumstances, your only smart option is to install a new driveway.

You’re already one step closer to knowing what your driveway needs. If you’re ever unsure of your driveway’s condition or what step to take next, we’re here to help. Feel free to fill out our estimates form right here on our website to get a free quote today. And as always, be sure to give us a call at (808) 591-6086 if nothing else goes your way. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!