Hawaii sees its fair share of inclement weather and rainfall. This tropical climate often leads to unwanted wear and tear on asphalt surfaces. If you’re wondering why your driveway is in disrepair, here are three likely reasons:

  • Beach Life.Sadly, there are a few disadvantages to living on an island where many people’s lifestyles incorporate the beach. Salt and sand have the tendency to accumulate and work their way into cracks in your driveway. If you head to the beach frequently and tend to drag salt and sand through your driveway, you’re bound to see wear and tear over time as these items cause friction with your pavement.
  • Sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the sun can do more than just burn your skin. Intense sunlight can also negatively impact asphalt over time. It’s a rather powerful and destructive force, especially in tropical locations like Hawaii that tend to see plenty of sun all year.
  • Water Exposure. Water runoff easily erodes asphalt by penetrating cracks. During especially rainy seasons, ongoing water runoff can slowly erode your driveway from the inside out.

Whatever your unique asphalt and paving needs are, Seal Pro’s Hawaii is your local source for all your asphalt and driveway services. We have the experience to protect your asphalt asset and help keep your driveway and commercial areas looking their best. Give us a call today to get your asphalt repair project underway – you’ll be glad you did!


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