Keeping Honolulu’s roadways smooth and ready for more, no matter the weather, is what we’re all about here at Seal Pro’s Hawaii. We understand that a lot of people are new to the asphalt game; but, rest easy in knowing that we have the playbook down pat. Let’s talk slurry sealing.

Slurry sealing is a technique that extends the life of any body of asphalt before a more intense resurfacing procedure becomes necessary.


A slurry seal is a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate, and certain additives, such as polymers. It is referred to as “slurry” because of its consistency, and it’s used to seal thin asphalt cracks.


When it comes to moderately damaged or cracked asphalt surfaces, slurry seal is the best fix-it-right option available. Slurry sealing is relatively cost effective, yet adequately protects the existing pavement structure. Slurry seals are frequently used on residential roadways on an intermittent basis, keeping the road usable until it requires more intensive resurfacing. Filling cracks early, no matter the size, is the best way to extend the life of your asphalt!


Slurry seal is generally applied with a slurry truck. The mixture is evenly distributed out the rear of the truck through a series of compartments while asphalt technicians smooth out the mixture simultaneously.

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