Cracks in asphalt make us cringe. Sure, we’re Hawaii’s leading commercial and residential asphalt specialists — but they’re hard to see when we know how regular asphalt maintenance can easily help to avoid such atrocities. Cracksealing and preventative maintenance stops water from reaching the sub-base through cosmetic cracks. There’s no better time than now, weeks before the Hawaii weather really heats up, to schedule this crucial service.

Cracksealing is most effective when parking lot cracks span 1⁄4 inch to 1-inch wide. Anything less is too soon to intervene and anything more is too far gone for preventative care. Here at Seal Pros Hawaii we recommend cracksealing before a drastic weather change (blazing summer/rainy season). Timing is everything when it comes to sealing — any cracks left too long will spread or develop into potholes.

We understand that cracksealing is a process with which most people are unfamiliar, but it’s important to know how it works so we can better understand how important it really is. The process begins with the place of work cleared away of any debris, gravel, dirt and sand. This prevents anything from entering the cracks before the actual process begins. Our experienced group of specialists then heat the sealant to 375+ degrees and infuse the substance into the channels with special tools. Cracksealing material encompasses a rubberized asphalt which allows the asphalt to expand or contract without worsening the crack.

Cracksealing is a financially-effective way to maintain your asphalt, which costs a fortune to replace if left untreated. We hope this information helps and we hope that we’re the ones you call for all your asphalt needs!