Everyone knows that the scenery of Hawaii is amongst the best in the world. People also know that nothing ruins a scenic drive faster than hitting a pothole at 45mph. Unfortunately, your drive usually isn’t the only thing that gets ruined. Potholes are all too common, and all too annoying. Though they may be little, they are a very severe problem, sometimes even deadly. Here at Seal Pros Hawaii, we’ve made it our mission to reduce potholes through professional asphalt maintenance and asphalt sealers. Our company has been known to repair roads, commercial parking lots and residential driveways through the ever-changing climates of Hawaii.

In order for us to complete our job effectively, we rely heavily on Hawaii drivers to report potholes to local officials. To understand the importance to timely pothole repair, consider the dangers:

In some cases, hitting a pothole can bring the same amount of damage to your vehicle as a 35mph collision. It’s not uncommon for a tire to pop completely off when you hit a pothole at highway speeds. Potholes also cause some people to wreck the entire front end of their vehicle, resulting in major realignment and suspension problems.

As if one pothole isn’t enough, multiple potholes create an unwanted obstacle course on the road. This is where both vehicles and people are in danger. As drivers swerve and weave to avoid the holes, they turn their attention away from pedestrians. Given the number of joggers, hikers and cyclists out taking advantage of the beautiful Hawaii climate on any given day, this can easily result in a serious accident.

With just two wheels and not a lot of weight, motorcycles and their drivers make some of the worst victims to potholes. A single encounter with a pothole could be very deadly.

Patching potholes in a timely manner is a simple solution to offset the many dangers they may bring. To get more information on pothole repair and to schedule a repair for your area, call us at (808) 591- 6086. We understand that potholes create problems and we’re here to help fix it.